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My name is Karla, and I am a healer and clairvoyant.  I help people with learning about self-healing for the mind, body and soul so that they become more aware in themselves and become more connected on a spiritual level and live a happier, more fulfilled life.

I am a natural clairvoyant and CEO of my own company. 

At age 3 ½ I began to have connection with Spirit around me and I naturally accepted their presence.  From this stage on in my young life I have had ongoing experiences with Spirit and began talking with them.  Some have even become good friends with me over time and helping me in different ways.

I have helped New Zealand Police locate items and locations of relevance to their ongoing investigations.  I am also doing personal readings from time to time for people who need some answers from ‘the other side’.  I have had many clients through online readings in the past through Hark which is an online psychic reading website.

People recommend me because my connection with Spirit and their loved ones is essential to their own ongoing wellbeing in having a balanced life.  They can see my connection with the ones they love is authentic and true.

I believe that just because one passes from a 'live' physical state on Earth to a state of ‘Spirit’ when we pass that we don’t disconnect our line of communication to those left behind.  There is a door that we can knock on if you learn how to open it and reconnect with those that have passed over.

I have a Facebook page you can join HERE and stay connected with me.  I look forward to walking along the path of life with you all.


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